• Course

    Middle school

  • Duration

    six years

  • Tuition fee

SchoolWesleyan College of Manila
GradeGrade one, three years, a total of 6 semesters
Grade two, two years, a total of 4 semesters
Grade three, one year, a total of 2 semesters

Admission requirementsFinal examination transcripts for each semester

Middle school in the Philippines has no middle school or high school, which is only four years in total. After graduation from middle school, you can apply for undergraduate study in university. Therefore, compared with the Chinese school system, Philippine high school students can start university two years earlier. Withrian College (Manila) has a secondary school division, and Chinese students can apply for admission without examination. Chinese students who study at Wesleyan (Manila) Secondary School and obtain their high school diploma are eligible to enter the undergraduate courses jointly offered by Wesleyan and several national Universities of the Philippines without examination (see introduction of Senior High School Undergraduate Promotion for more details). After graduation, they can obtain the undergraduate diploma of National universities recognized by the Ministry of Education of China.

Curriculum Setting

The Philippine Department of Education stipulates that the curriculum in high school must include Rizal thought, English, mathematics, science (including physics, chemistry and biology), social sciences (including history, geography and multiculturalism), computer science, logic, languages, arts and physical education. Foreign students can apply for exemption from the Riza thought course.

Admission process

1. Submit your graduation certificate and transcript (photocopy) and fill in the application form

2. Wait for the admission letter from the school

3. Double certification of graduation certificate and transcript

4. Get to the Philippines

5. Pay tuition fees and register

6. Start learning

7. Complete the graduation thesis and thesis defense

8. Attend the graduation ceremony and obtain the diploma

9. Apply for diploma certification