Regular full-time programs are offered to both local and international students, from kindergarten to PhD


Meet the requirements and apply for admission

Bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctor's degree, meet the pre-qualification requirements, can apply for admission at any time.

Formal qualifications can be certified

Wesleyan College of Manila is a Philippine school approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is a Philippine institution of higher learning recommended by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education.

The curriculum is reasonable and the length of schooling is short

The school year is three semesters, and the master's course is compressed into 12 months and the doctor's course is 24 months through summer study. Get ahead of your peers in business and life.

Free English Training

The school provides students with 20 hours of free English training every week. For students can concentrate on the study of professional courses, early graduation to provide security.

Education in the Philippines

Compared with other developing countries, education in the Philippines is relatively developed. After the independence of the Philippines in 1946, with the recovery and development of the economy, the cause of education also achieved rapid development. Since the 1970s, the Philippine government has embarked on the adjustment and reform of the education system. In 1972, the Philippine government promulgated the "Education Development Act", which formulated the 10-year education development Plan for the Philippines from 1973 to 1983, stipulating that the educational goal during this period was to widely carry out general education and cultivate intermediate technical and higher professional talents needed for the country's social and economic development. After the 1970s, the Philippines vigorously implemented the education policy. Although the Philippine government had designated Filipino as one of the language of instruction before the 1970s, schools at all levels in the Philippines still used English for teaching, and Filipino was only a compulsory course. At present, the length of college in the Philippines varies, depending on the major. Students who graduate from university generally take two years for a master's degree and two to three years for a doctoral degree.

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Master's program

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