message from the president of wesleyan college of manila
the global village has broken down language and cultural barriers and has put us together for a purpose… that of exploring educational opportunities and linkages.  wesleyan college of manila is at the helm of his development.  together with local state universities as well as private ones, we commit to you our earnest desire to assist and help you in pursuing your educational career in the philippines.
welcome to the philippines!

History·Vision·Mission·Goal The Board of Trustees Introduction of Faculty International Academic Linkages

History · Vision · Mission · Goal

     Wesleyan College of Manila, is one of the two hundreds Wesleyan educational institutes founded by Methodist leaders all over the world. There are 153 Wesleyan educational institutes located in the United States.

The Mother of Nation of China Soong Ching Ling and two sisters of hers are all graduates of Wesleyan College of Georgia. Former first lady Hillary Clinton was study her Political Science Courses at Wesleyan College in 1965.

In the history of Wesleyan, twelve graduates or professors of Wesleyan awarded Nobel Prizes. More than hundred of alumni are/were appointed as ministers or higher rank officials of the federal government of the United States.

Wesleyan College of Manila is situated at the heart of Metro Manila, National Sports Commission of the Philippines, Culture Center of the Philippines, Central Bank of the Philippines, Manila Baywalk, Harrison Mall and Starcity are all within its walking distance. It is one of the best area for living and study in Metro Manila.

Wesleyan College of Manila has a extensive linkages with all other Wesleyan educational institutes all over the world. Outstand graduate of WCM are recommended and refered to continue their study and research in other Wesleyan educational institutes in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe.

WCM have its strengthen not only for its extensive international academic linkages, but also on the international students management. Especially has a solid experience on top-up bachelor degree, part-time master, doctorial degree courses.

There are currently more than thousand students are studying in WCM, many of them are come from USA, Korea, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and China.

The vision of Wesleyan College of Manila is to seek " the unity of piety and learning " in human formation.

The College emphasizes academic excellence, forms Christian character and motivates commitment for responsible citizenship and nation-building in the community of nations.

To this end, Wesleyan College of Manila undergirds scholarship, character and service with a lively faith in God.


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